Please Note this Agenda is from 2016 which gives you a flavor for types of topics we discuss at the summit. 2017 Agenda will be published later this summer.
Sept 26th 2016 Speakers Dinner
5:00 - 8:00 pm
Sept 27th 2016 Registration Opens. Breakfast and Networking
7:00 am

Welcome. Connected Intelligence: Brain of the Global Economy.


Sensors around us power the algorithms and intelligence to enable the programmable brain of the global economy. The pace of new billion-dollar revenue companies is faster than ever. How will Connected Intelligence evolve? What will be the new trillion dollar industries? Where are the industry leaders making investments? How is China shaping the global tech landscape with new business models and consumer trends that are ahead of the west? What are the opportunities that are disguised as challenges? We are assembling a stellar group of leaders from across the value chain to delve deeper into "Connected Intelligence: Brain of the Global Economy" and understand how to navigate the evolving curves. These decision makers manage billions of dollars in revenue and are shaping the course of the industry.


Chetan Sharma, CEO, Chetan Sharma Consulting


Connected Intelligence: Mobile Network as a Platform

Erik Ekudden, SVP and CTO - SV, Ericsson

Chetan Sharma, CEO, Chetan Sharma Consulting


Connected Intelligence: Riding the next curve


Glenn Lurie, CEO & President, AT&T Mobility & Consumer Operations

Chetan Sharma, CEO, Chetan Sharma Consulting


5G: Future of the Network, the Industry, and the Ecosystem

Neville Ray, CTO, T-Mobile

Chetan Sharma, CEO, Chetan Sharma Consulting


The NOW Economy – What’s Next?

Doug Suriano, SVP and GM, Oracle Communications

Chetan Sharma, CEO, Chetan Sharma Consulting




Connected Intelligence: Autonomous Flying


Helen Greiner, CEO and Founder, CyPhy


Machines of Loving Grace: Conflict and Convergence


John Markoff, Senior Writer, NY Times

Chetan Sharma, CEO, Chetan Sharma Consulting

11:30pm Future of Machine Intelligence

Blaise Agüera y Arcas, Principal Scientist, Google

Chetan Sharma, CEO, Chetan Sharma Consulting

12:00pm Lunch & Networking

Decrypting the Cybersecurity Landscape


Paul Brody, Partner, EY (moderator)

Nathan Freitas, Founder, Guardian Project

Rodney Joffe, Fellow and SVP, Neustar

Nancy Zayed, CTO and Founder, MagicCube

Scott Christensen, Cybersecurity Expert, GE


Connected Intelligence: Scaling IoT


Ina Fried, Senior Writer, Recode (moderator)

Hank Skorny, SVP – IoT, Neustar

Mike Kennewick, CEO, Voicebox

Peter Lewis, CEO, NetMoby

Anthony Bartolo, President - Mobility & Collaboration Services, Tata Communications



Network of the Future: Economics, Disruption, and Business Models


Q Saeed, Managing Director, Ubiquity (moderator)

Ron Marquardt, VP - Technology, Sprint

Vern Fotheringham, Chairman and CEO, ESI

Manish Jindal, VP & CTO, Ericsson


Connected Intelligence: Hacking Healthcare


Chetan Sharma, CEO, Chetan Sharma Consulting (moderator)

Prof. Shyam Gollakota, CEO, Jeeva Wireless

Vic Gundotra, CEO, AliveCor

Dr. Renee Dua, Cofounder and Chief Medical Officer, Heal

Dr. Sam Browd, Neurosurgeon, UW

3:25pm Break

Reality Check - AR/VR and the future of user experience


Bubba Murarka, Partner, DFJ (moderator)

Todd Hooper, CEO, VReal

Maureen Fan, CEO, Baobab Studios

Forest Gibson, CEO, PlutoVR

Bob Berry, CEO, EnvelopVR


Connected Intelligence: 4th Wave and Verticals


Steve Elfman, Managing Partner, Argyle Griffin Group (moderator)

Jorge Espinal, SVP, Spotify

Ruchit Garg, CEO and Founder, Harvesting

Krishna Vedati, CEO, Tynker

Biju Nair, CEO, Hyla Mobile

Joe Megibow, President, Joyus


Learning from China’s Startup Boom: New Business Models and Consumer Insights


William Bao Bean, Managing Partner, Chinaccelerator (moderator)

Kate Whitcomb, Program Director, HAX

Willie Chou, CEO, NeoNan

David Liu, Chairman, Sirqul


Are we approaching the golden age of AI?


Dina Bass, Reporter, Bloomberg (moderator)

Babak Hodjat, Cofounder and Chief Scientist, Sentient Technologies

Ken Denman, CEO, Emotient

Prof. Emo Todorov, Computer Science, University of Washington

Jeannette M. Wing, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Research


6 - 8pm

Cocktail Reception


Chill, Network, and form partnerships for Life






  Agenda Subject to Change
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