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What you can expect?

Quantum Leaps: Acceleration of Connected Intelligence Quantum Leap is a phenomenon that occurs when an orbiting electron in an atom jumps to a higher energy level. Similarly, in the technology world, quantum leaps are created by breakthrough inventions that leaps the global economy into the next ecosystem energy tier like it has happened over the last 250 years with the industrial revolution; steam & railways; electricity and heavy engineering, oil, automobiles & mass production; and information and telecommunications technologies. Sometimes, we see a step change in creativity because of crises like what happened during the renaissance period or during the world wars. However, it is extremely rare that the global economy heralds into a new decade energized by breakthrough technologies while facing a global crisis. We think it creates a perfect environment for “Quantum Leaps.” We have already seen early glimpses of this transition last year with the acceleration of trends, resetting of the assumptions, and the emergence of the new business models. Mobile Future Forward is shaping up to be the most consequential event of the year. Mobile Future Forward has always set the agenda for the industry and we are eager to dive into “Quantum Leaps” with our amazing speakers and participants. Join us to be part of the sojourn.
Mobile Future Forward Covid-19 Health and Safety plan We are looking forward to hosting you in person in September and can’t wait for our community to reconnect, exchange ideas, network and feel inspired. As always, the health & safety of our guests and employees is our top priority. We have been working with the venue (Bell Harbor Conference Center) to execute on such a plan. We continue to closely monitor guidelines from CDC, state, and local health officials. By taking our responsibility seriously, we can all mitigate the risks from the pandemic.

Proof of Vaccination – We will require a valid ID and proof of COVID vaccination from all attendees. Employees, contractors, and venue staff are fully vaccinated.

Our recommendation is to use the HealthPass app from CLEAR to upload and verify your vaccination status. This will enable us to swiftly check you in while protecting your private data.

Masks – We will follow the WA State and CDC policy. However, please be prepared for wearing masks.

Conference space – We have enough space to keep social distance during the sessions. It is a large space, and we have the entire floor to our conference. We have also booked the outdoor space at the venue for people to move around.

Ventilation - The Bell Harbor Conference Center is a modern facility using commercial grade ventilation requirements that exceed the federal and state guidelines both in terms of MERV filter ratings and recommended air flow. We will also be opening doors and windows for increased air flow.

Sanitation – The venue staff will be sanitizing the conference space frequently and there will be sanitizing stations placed throughout the venue. Clean technologies such as modern electrostatic sprayers and ultraviolet light will be used to sanitize surfaces and objects.

Refund Policy: We have a no refund policy. However, you are welcome to send in a substitute 2 weeks prior to the event by notifying us.