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What you can expect?

In 2018, the traditional mobile industry generated almost a trillion dollars in revenue, but it was the interaction of different ecosystems with mobile that generated almost three times the revenue. That’s the reason, we would be exploring Exponential Ecosystems at this year’s Mobile Future Forward (now in its 10th year). There are some fascinating technology trends taking place that will be inextricably connected in how they shape each other and the larger global economy. Our focus is on how the advancements in technology change the vertical industries, create disruption, and alter the landscape in unimaginable ways. It is these opportunities that we are planning to explore with some of the best minds in the business – leaders and entrepreneurs who are making fundamental contributions to our understanding of how the Connected Intelligence Era is going to evolve over the next decade.

Mobile Future Forward is a gathering of some of the most influential minds in the mobile industry who are helping shape the industry. The experts and visionaries from around the globe will gather in Seattle on Sept 4th to explore the mobile industry 5-10 years forward, envision what the user experiences and use cases look like, discuss and debate the challenges and opportunities in the journey to that vision.