Connecting the Dots

September 01, 2023

The core principle of MFF revolves around the concept of “connecting the dots.” As Clayton Christensen argued in his book “The Innovator’s DNA,” those who achieve innovation success possess the ability to perceive patterns and correlations that often go unnoticed by others. Similarly, in “The Effective Executive,” Peter Drucker succinctly encapsulated this idea by stating that effective executives possess the skill to think systematically, recognizing the world as a tapestry of interrelated occurrences.

This is precisely why industry leaders gather at MFF, coming together to collaborate and brainstorm. They aim to uncover the gaps in their assumptions, weave together the strands of their strategic plans, explore novel dimensions of ideas, and naturally, establish connections with some of the most brilliant minds and forward-thinkers in any field. Over the past half-year, my journeys spanning four continents, from boardrooms to meetings with influential leaders worldwide, have consistently brought forth discussions centering on topics like 5G monetization, radical Opex optimization, the acceleration of the 4th wave, Applied AI, as well as the complexities of geopolitics and regulations.

Engaging in conversations with these senior executives has significantly enriched our perspectives regarding what truly matters and how to make the most of the MFF day.

A great view doesn’t hurt either 🙂