Competition – How Many Mobile Operators Does A Country Need?

The mobile industry has been the driving force around the globe behind the technology evolution over the last decade. The direct and indirect impact of the industry is calculated in trillions of dollars. There are over 3 billion mobile Internet users, 5 billion unique mobile subscribers and over 8.5 billion mobile connections. The number of companies generating more than a billion dollars from digital services ballooned from just 4 in 2010 to over 100 in 2017. The ecosystem continues to expand, and innovation is thriving. And yet again, we are the cusp of dramatic change as the wireless industry embarks on the 5G evolution cycle. There are several other trends that are also shaping the ecosystem. The cable companies, wireline players, Internet giants, and upstarts all see wireless as a key part of the industry stack and as such they are making their moves to be a significant player in shaping the next decade.