Realizing the 5G Promise

This research was supported by Collinear Networks

Access to high-speed mobile broadband is on the agenda of every government, regulator, and operator around the globe. Basic connectivity has gone from luxury to novelty to an essential tool for prosperity and growth; from gadget of the rich and famous to a device that has become the source of livelihood of millions across the planet. Connectivity’s role to human progress has been well studied over the last decade. There is a direct correlation of broadband penetration to the increase in GDP. Connectivity has fundamentally changed industries and reshaped national economies. Of course, the advanced markets like Japan, Finland, US, Korea and others have been at the forefront of connecting their citizens with broadband; the progress in the developing markets is much more pronounced. Large nations like China and India have amassed a billion connected consumers who have the power to innovate, do commerce, voice their opinions, and much more. Even smaller nations like Fiji, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, and others have made enormous strides. Many of the countries have more connected devices than people.