World’s First Live Remote VR Surgery Demo

October 14, 2019

At Mobile Future Forward, we always strive to be at the cutting edge of how we understand technology evolution and disruption. This year was no different. We partnered with our friends at a very innovative startup – Proprio Vision. They are some phenomenal work in bringing VR to Healthcare, more specifically to surgery. The main theme of this year’s Mobile Future Forward was to explain how different technologies are coming together to create disruption. We chose a perfect use case to illustrate that – Live Remote VR Surgery. That it happened to be the first such demo in the world made it all the more gratifying. The demo showed that by using Computer Vision, Light Field Imaging, 5G, AI/ML, Edge Computing, VR, and IoT, one create some really compelling roadmaps for disruption. We can go on and on .. best is to experience it yourself through this video from this year’s summit.